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7 easy ways to upskill in Programmatic Advertising

The global programmatic advertising market is expected to grow from $14.2 billion in 2015 to $36.8 billion in 2019. This means if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to upskill and get into the best thing that has happened to marketing in years.

Still not quite sure what programmatic actually involves? Confused by the acronyms? It isn’t as difficult to get your head around as you might think. Here are 7 things you can do to get yourself and your clients up to speed.

Step 1: Attend a programmatic advertising event

There’s something on every couple of months. Events are informative and provide case studies from brands who have seen a dramatic improvement in their marketing activity since moving into this space. Sparcmedia has attended at least 10 events in the past year and has seen CEOs, creatives, digital directors, planner/buyers, strategists, brands and agencies all in attendance.

Everyone is learning in this space, so no matter what your discipline you’ll get something out of them.

Follow the IAB, Ashton Media and Adtech for upcoming events.

Step 2: Read the articles

Type “programmatic advertising” into your search box and a wealth of articles will appear. You can also check out Mumbrella, AdNews and international marketing sites like Adexchanger and Digiday to follow the latest news.

Step 3: Use YouTube

There are some great animations that explain the programmatic ecosystem in a much faster way than words can communicate. You can also find soundbites from people within the industry who have articulated programmatic into straightforward terms. The ones from TrinityP3 are some of our favourites.

Step 4: Ignore the jargon

As soon as you hear the words DSP and SSP your eyes glaze over?

We hear you. Speak to a trusted advisor and ask them to explain in actual language that human beings can understand. You will see that once you lose the jargon, it isn’t actually that difficult to understand.

Step 5: Listen to the potential benefits

Programmatic advertising is an absolute must for anyone who engages with customers. The benefits are vast and include:

– The ability to hone in on your exact target customer
– The ability to optimise your spend across different digital channels and markets so you’re more in control of your results
– The campaigns learn as they unfold, making for a more successful outcome, as well as cost and time efficiencies

The list goes on.

Step 6: Work with an expert in the space

Look for a programmatic advertising agency who can provide you with support in putting together the right plan for your clients.

At Sparcmedia, we partner with a number of agencies and advertisers and strategise with them on how programmatic can help to grow theirs or their clients’ businesses. We also accompany them on client pitches and really get to know their business and goals, so that we can offer them the best advice possible.

Step 7: Test it

Allocate a small budget and trial it. You can get good insights from a $10,000 trial budget, which will help to inform your ongoing activity.

Contact us to find out what programmatic advertising can do for your business.