Digital Advertising Case Study - FMCG Brand

FMCG brand discovers new audience segments with digital advertising insights


A well-known FMCG brand was launching a new bread brand ino the market and wanted to target millennial mums with a video campaign.

The Solution

The video advertising campaign included “audience first” targeting via real-time bidding and contextual on YouTube, both optimised towards completed views.

Engaged Audience
We discovered 3 different audience sets engaging with the video ads. This included:
1. A high percentage of dads
2. A high percentage of Asian ethnicity
3. A high percentage of single parents

Based on these insights we made the following recommendations to the client.
1. Create companion banners for different ethnicities and use CALD targeting to tailored ads.
2. Allocate 10% of spend to test engagement with the male audience.
3. Create a different ad with 1 parent and target single parents with this so as not to alienate them.