Digital Advertising Case Study - Pet Reatiler Brand

Pet retailer makes $3 for every $1 spent on digital advertising


Over the course of 3 months revenue increased to $3 in sales for every $1 spent on media; a 200% return on investment.

Campaign Goals 

Generate sales on client’s e-commerce site.



The pet retailer had been running a search campaign with Sparcmedia for a period of 2 years. Over that time we tested a lot of keywords and strategies and were able to deliver an ROI of 200%. We identified that there was a spend threshold with search however and as soon as we reached that threshold, the ROI decreased. As this channel had reached its limit we started to look at other options.

A display prospecting campaign was utilised to drive new consumers into the sales funnel where we closely matched their target audience with a number of data sets to locate the audiences most interested in buying pet-related products. We complemented this with Facebook advertising targeting the same key audience attributes.

The targeting strategy included dynamic retargeting wherein the audience would see an image of the last product they looked at dynamically pulled into an ad unit as they surfed the net. This increased their likelihood of clicking, returning to the site and completing the sale.