Meet Wout Van Damme

Wout founded Sparcmedia in Sydney, Australia in 2004 as a mobile entertainment provider and pivoted the business to become a successful programmatic media buyer in 2009.
Wout currently heads up the global business for Sparcmedia along with its publisher side of business, AdSparc.
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Meet Stacey Delaney


Stacey is the Managing Director for the Sparcmedia agency and advertisers business in AU & NZ. Since joining Sparcmedia in September 2014, she has helped transform the agency and direct advertiser business from a trading desk to a partnership and insights led programmatic agency. 


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Meet Rohan Mehrotra


Rohan Mehrotra is the Director of Trading and Product at Sparcmedia and is a programmatic pioneer and evangelist. Having 13 years experience in business strategy he has led the strategy and media buying of many of Australia’s most prolific brands and has seen their marketing results transform via integrating programmatic as a key part of their marketing operations.  


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Meet Giuseppe Martoriello

With a background in start-ups and mobile advertising, Giuseppe Martoriello heads up the Trading and Network business as Media Trading Director.

Since joining Sparcmedia in 2014, he has grown the media trading business and the team in Australia and overseas.

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We have a great team of people working behind the scenes, from technology loving media traders to dedicated client services managers, all who make up the fabric of Sparcmedia.




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