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Sparc Insights Dashboard is your window to valuable insights on your engaged audience along with real-time metrics of your campaign performance.




Audience insights. Get actionable insights about the audience interacting with your campaigns. Learn about niche audiences that have an affinity towards your brand or discovery of high-value customers vs. tire kickers.


Media insights. Get actionable insights from your media activity that can help you to run better campaigns. Track performance by media channels, media format, ad creatives, location, day and time.


Brand insights. View campaign metrics in a whole new way by going beyond efficiency metric like CTR and focusing on new metrics such as brand consideration, perception and uplift.


Simple visualisation. All your information is represented in simple graphs and tables making it easy to read data.


Real-time information. Know things as they happen and act on them on the fly to get better results.


Better decisions. Make better decisions based on a holistic view of all your media activity through one single source of truth.


Reporting results. Easily export data to report back KPIs and ROI to shareholders and clients with ease.



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  • Audience Insights - Behaviour of targeted vs engaged audience.
  • Media Insights - Creative performance, multi-channel attribution.
  • Sparcmedia Recommendations – Insights from customer data and media buying activity.
  • Audience Metrics – Unique audience reached, by location, by device.
  • ROI - Sales vs marketing spend.
  • Media Metrics – CPC, CPA, CTR and CPM.
  • Aggregation of data from any channel.
  • Private internal and public report sharing.
  • White labeling options.
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