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Sparc Media: Adding the human element to advertising technology.

Independent trading desk specialized in data-fueled automatic media buying across: display, mobile, social, video and rich media. We combine technology with a team of experienced traders to make advertising technology equal advertising success.


As a brand advertiser you want to connect and engage with your target audience, whether it is to build up a more name, credibility, loyalty, increase sales or all of the above. Programmatic media offers exciting opportunities that will enable you to accomplish your branding goals. less


This is the bread and butter of programmatic media buying. Utilize our experience to maximise the output more of algorithms used by technology platforms and increase your sales and ROI. less


Leverage all your online and offline marketing activities and increase the return on your website more audience by programmatically retargeting them. less


Programmatic Media Buying

Programmatic media buying is not just a buzzword. It is already a $12 billion global market and it this figure is expected to reach $33 billion by 2017. Currently, 85% of advertisers and 72% of publishers use programmatic strategies. It is fair to say that a tipping point has truly been reached.

Programmatic media buying is here to stay and advertisers and agencies need to work with experts to maximise their potential and to achieve increased media efficiencies and effectiveness. Sparc Media has the knowledge, experience and expertise to exploit the full potential of programmatic media buying. .

We are the human element in programmatic media

Within the programmatic media buying industry there is one issue constantly being discussed, ad tech. While technological progress has been phenomenal in recent years and will continue to be in the coming years, it only tells half of the story. In the end technology is driven by individuals in order to achieve the KPI's that you need to reach.

Like any ship, technology platforms need a good captain. You need highly trained, capable people who you trust to get you from A to B. Sparc media provides the initiative, direction and leadership that ad tech requires. We make sure the technology delivers on all the promises it makes. We are the human element in programmatic media to ensure that your goals are being met every step of the way.

Rich Media Engagement

Rich Media Made Easy

Sparc Media's programmatic rich media offering gives advertisers the power to reach their target audiences on quality websites with engaging rich media ad formats such as Skins, Expandables and Rising Stars.

Achieve 10 x CTR with rich media

Sparc Media's end-to-end managed service can operate rich media campaigns at scale, making it an easier process than dealing with individual media owners.

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Data-fueled Media Buying

Data is the fuel that drives programmatic media buying, it feeds the algorithms that provides the results. By using a combination of acquired data, advertiser data and the data we have at Sparc media we can map audiences against your target groups.

We leverage your data to increase media buying results

The most valuable data you can obtain is your own data. Every offline and online marketing campaign with the aim of brining visitors to your website provides the opportunity to obtain data. Whether it is segmenting website visitors or using CRM data, all your touch points can potentially be leveraged and used to reach your audience and increase ROI. Sparc Media works with you to capture and employ your data assets to achieve your marketing goals more efficiently.

White Label Trading Desk

Every agency, which offers digital media buying services, needs access to a trading desk. Clients expect it and the competition offers it. This is where we step in. Sparc Media offers a White Label Trading Desk solution. The agency maintains customer contact, while Sparc Media supports the agency with advice, campaign strategies, campaign management, reporting, data strategies and execution.

Sparc Media powers your trading desk

Don't take the risk of making costly errors whilst acquiring expertise through trial and error, which could potentially cost you your clients account; talk to the experts and have your own trading desk up and running from the day you start working with Sparc Media.

Agnostic Approach

In a market that operates at lightning speed, flexibility is everything. The Sparc Media approach is to take our clients' marketing goals as the starting point and be agnostic when working towards reaching these goals; we are channel and platform agnostic.

Channel Agnostic:
If media can be bought programmatically, we will buy it. This applies to our current channels: desktop, mobile, video, social, rich media and native ads. In the near future our channels will extend to: Out Of Home, Interactive TV and audio ads.

Platform Agnostic:
The ad tech space is a competitive market with many players competing for advertiser budgets. Competition is good, it drives innovation and ensures increased benefits for its users. With so much choice, which platform do you go for? Our extensive testing efforts have shown that many platforms provide unique values. Depending on your goals we will apply the best solution for what you and your campaign needs. This flexibility means that we always deploy the best technology for you.


The best compliment the Sparc team can receive is a rebooking. A rebooking means we achieved our client's more goals and the client recognized the value we provide. It also means that everything we are so passionate about doing is working.

From our campaign strategies, client service, campaign management, technology, reporting and analytics; Sparc Media brings everything together and makes it work. This is why clients keep coming back with their campaigns to Sparc Media. less


Sparc Media was and continues to be a trend setter. We set a trend when we began working with more programmatic media long before it is was called programmatic media and even today we keep focused firmly on what lies ahead in this ever changing market.

Our principle is to be channel and technology agnostic, this allow us to move where we need to and when we need to. Every client has different needs and requirements. This is our starting point.

We evaluate client needs and apply the channel and one or more of the 25 different platforms we have access to, to ensure we achieve your goals with maximum efficiency. less


The media buying landscape is changing at a rapid pace with programmatic media taking the market by storm, more growing to a $33 billion global market by 2017. Some markets, like the US, will see over 80% of its display inventory being bought programmatically.

Sparc Media realized the potential of programmatic media when it entered the ad exchange space in 2009, long before the main stream market recognized the trend.

Today our agency and clients benefit from the experience and knowledge the team has built running 1000s of campaigns and buying billions of impressions every month for over 4 years. less


About us

Sparc Media was founded under its former name of Funbox in 2004 as a performance focused online advertiser. It became an early entrant into the ad exchange world when team started running programmatic display campaigns in 2009. The company quickly recognized the trend towards programmatic media buying and adapted the business accordingly, to become a digital media buying service provider specialized in programmatic media buying shortly thereafter. Read more

Today the company employs over 50 experts in the field of programmatic media buying across offices in 6 countries around the globe and helps brand advertisers reach their marketing goals through programmatic media buying across all devices and channels, fulfilling the dream of advertising to the right audience, with the right message at the right time. Read less

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